About Woshka Niknam

I am Woshka. I am Programmer, Developer & Server Manager and I have been in the IT field as a professional for more than 8 years since 2006. My main focus is on Developing New Web App to make life easier.

The followings are some of my Experiences in facing any issues or articles I had the chance for writing about them, I hope they may be useful for you too...

Apache Webserver Tutorials

Open Source light Web Server!

Linux / Unix Tutorials

Where there is a Shell, There is a Way!

PHP Tutorials

PHP is Free Open Source Server Side Programming Language!

MYSQL Tutorials

MySQL is light ad professional DataBase Management System!

YII FrameWork Tutorials

YII is one of the fast Framework implemented by PHP!

SEO Tutorials

Search Engine Optimization is how to get targeted traffic from Searh Engines!